Aniket-1 Co-operative Housing Society | Ladies Club
The women-folk of Aniket-1 Co-operative Housing Society launched a novel concept of Aniket-1 Ladies Club on the auspicious occasion of Diwali 2017. The Club is a representative of the unity amongst the ladies in the Society. Such a spirit defines the essence of co-operation - a very essential factor in today's socio-economic environment. 
The purpose of the Club is to support the development of all the members by empowering them with opportunities to foster their hobbies, sharing their views, suggest improvements for the Society.
Aniket-1 Ladies Club keeps alive the spark of humanity in this digital era. Though the world is more connected than before, it becomes difficult to open up in times of peril. The Ladies have pledged to overcome this peer pressure and help each other during troubled times. True friendship is exhibited by he ladies today's fast-paced life 
The Club is active in conducting various cultural activities and programs starting with Makar Sankranti 2018. Please see the UTSAV page for more details
The Members of the Club also enjoy each others' company daily, as they are connected on an independent Whatsapp group. 
Ladies residing in Aniket-1 Co-operative Housing Society Ltd., can be a part of the Aniket-1 Ladies Club. Please contact Mrs. Neelima Joshi or Mrs. Savita Gokhale.