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The INFO tab is the most important and dynamic area on the website. Important documents are posted under this section for free download for Residents of Aniket-1 Co-operative Housing Society. Please follow the instructions. 
Managing Committee issues important information (INFO) on a regular basis. All required information is be available under this tab "INFO" tab in the website. INFO page leads a to Circulars, Procedures, Forms and Rules. 
This information includes Society Circulars which are sanctioned by the Managing Committee (MC) When issued, an Alert is sent to the main page under Society Alerts.
Residents have to fill in important forms which are made available on the website. These are important Forms as per the Government regulations or they could be for ease of operations, as per the society's Managing Committee.    

Along with Society circulars, the Members will gain an access to important Society Procedures to be followed as per the Society bye-laws. 

Society Rules
Rules are mutually agreed Guidelines by all Members and MC to maintain discipline in a Co-operative Housing Society. It is important to have Rules in place to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings.  
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