The Managing Committee - Aniket-1 Co-op. Hsg. Society Ltd.

Dhananjay Datar | Chairman | Aniket-1 Co-op Hsg. Society.
Mr. Dhananjay Datar
Secretary/Treasurer, Managing Committee
Mr. Datar was  elected as the Chairman of Aniket-1 Co-op. Housing Society Ltd. in 2016. He has a  Masters degree in Sciences from University of Pune and another Masters degree with specialization in  Regional Planning from University of Pennsylvania, USA. Mr. Datar is a successful entrepreneur with businesses in software development & wine industries. 
With a  vast experience in management and strategy development, Mr. Datar was invited as a member of the consultative group by the Planning Commission of India. He was the consultant and COO of Indian Grape Processing Board (Wine Board).
A recipient of many prestigious awards such as Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence in IT, Indira Excellence Award, JMCCI Entrepreneurial Award and like, Mr. Datar is also the Founder & promoter of The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE),  Pune Chapter. A strong promoter of Women Entrepreneurship, he is on panels like Board of Studies of University of Pune
Jayant Shete | Member - Managing Committee | Aniket-1 Co-op Hsg Society
Mr. Jayant Shete
Chairman, Managing Committee
Mr. Jayant Shete was unanimously elected as the Committee member in 2006. He has been the Society Secretary with an in-depth knowledge of the changing scenario of the C-operative Housing Industry in Pune.  A Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Shete runs his  own business of manufacturing Dot Matrix Printer ribbons. Then shifted to IT hardware and software supply and solution. Also into security and surveillance e.g. CCTV, Access Control system etc. Got award in 1997 from Maharashtra Govt. as a successful entrepreneur.
Mr. Shete was the was the President of Computer & media Dealers association (CMDA), a prestigious association of 300 members. He is the joint secretary of FEDERATION OF TRADE ASSOCIATION OF PUNE, having more than 80 trade associations as members.
Prakash Barse | Member - Managing Committee | Aniket-1 Co-op Hsg. Society
Mr. Prakash Barse
Member, Managing Committee
Mr. Prakash Dinkar Barse is a Committee member of the Management of Aniket Society No 1. Co-op Housing Society Ltd. Currently, he is employed with Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd. for over 38 yrs. Mr. Barse's leadership skills and competencies have been extremely helpful for Aniket-1. He has been a dynamic Union leader from 2012 to 2015.
Moreover, he was the Trustee of Provident Fund for a decade.
Mr. Barse is actively involved in several social initiatives.
Capt. Dr. Ashok Giri | Head of Security | Aniket-1 Co-op Hsg. Society
Capt. Dr. Ashok Giri
Head of Security and Member, Managing Committee
Dr. Giri heads the security initiative in Aniket-1 Co-op Housing Society. A robust security system was implemented by the Managing Committee in 2017. Dr. Giri was the best choice to spearhead as he has served in the Indian Army.
Dr. Giri has 27 Years of Teaching Experience in various Colleges And Universities. A renowned scholar, he has published 6 Research Books on Commerce And Management. Additionally, his research work also features 85+ Research Papers in National & International Journals. Dr. Giri has a vast experience in imparting knowledge via lectures across 27 different countries.  He is a reputed Research Guide of Pune University (SPPU) And Tilak Maharashtra University
An ardent Sports enthusiast, Capt. Dr. Giri was an active Member of Organizing Committee of Pune International Marathon from 2004-2012. He has also refereed in various Boxing And Body Show Competitions.
Mr. Nandkumar Kanhere | Member - Managing Committee | Aniket -1 Co-op Housing Society.
Mr. Nandakumar Kanhere 
Member, Managing Committee
Probably, one of the most loved members in Aniket-1 Co-op. Housing Society, Mr. Kanhere is a highly respectable figure in the Marathi Theatre. He has featured in prime roles in many Marathi plays. Additionally, Mr. Kanhere has directed television shows for national television and local television channels.   
Mr. Kanhere is the eldest member in the Managing Committee. He has been through thick and thin of all society matters every year. Members and MC respects Mr. Kanhere's experience and seeks his guidance on many occasions. 
Mr. Charudutta Gokhale
Member, Managing Committee
Mr. Gokhale is a star in the MC team as he effectively handles the responsibility of the Society's Secretary and Treasurer.  He is always foremost in assisting The Chairman for new initiatives that would benefit the Society. 
Mr. Gokhale has been involved in several social initiatives like saving the environment by eliminating the use of plastic in day to day use.  Being in the cosmetics business he is well aware of the environmental hazards and strives to make the world a better place.
Mr. Vaidya
Mr. Prakash Barse
Member, Managing Committee
Mr. Nitin Vaidya
Member, Managing Committee
Mr. Vaidya has been a part of the Managing Committee for over a decade.He has been instrumental in bringing about several changes in the Society in the past. 
Mr. Vadiya firmly believes that the next generation are the game-changers of this era. He promotes the dynamic changes that are being brought about in the Society since 2017. A lovely person at heart, once can only say that Aniket-1 is truly blessed with personalities like Mr. Vaidya. His helpful nature has gained the trust of all Members of Aniket-1 Co-op. Hsg. Society. Ltd. 

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