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The Managing Committee - Aniket-1 Co-op. Hsg. Society Ltd.

Capt. Dr. Pramod Kand
Chairman, Managing Committee
Capt. Kand is a graduate in Science & Law with Masters in Labour Studies & Phd in Management from Pune University. 
He started his career as a Short Service Commissioned Officer in the Regiment of Artillery and was Caption in the Indian Army. A qualified Human Resource professional worked with various Indian and Multinational organizations. He was Vice President - Human Resource in a reputed steel manufacturing company. Presently he is a management consultant and trainer. 
Mr. Nandakumar Kanhere 
Secretory, Managing Committee
Probably, one of the most loved members in Aniket-1 Co-op. Housing Society, Mr. Kanhere is a highly respectable figure in the Marathi Theatre. He has featured in prime roles in many Marathi plays. Additionally, Mr. Kanhere has directed television shows for national television and local television channels.   
Mr. Kanhere is the eldest member in the Managing Committee. He has been through thick and thin of all society matters every year. Members and MC respects Mr. Kanhere's experience and seeks his guidance on many occasions. 
Major. Dr Ashok V Giri
Treasurer and Head of Security and Member, Managing Committee
Dr Giri is looking after the work of Treasurer and head's security initiative in Aniket 1Co-Operative Housing Society. A Robust security system was implemented by the Managing committee in 2017.
Dr Giri has 30 years experience in the field of Education Sector. A Renowned scholar in the field of Commerce , Marketing, HR and Business Administration. His 16 research books have been published on various subjects related to commerce, management , marketing ,HR and business administration. 
Additionally, his research work also features 150+ Research papers in various National and International reputed research journals. Dr Giri has a very vast experience in imparting knowledge Via various lectures across 33 countries. He is reputed Research Guide of Savitribai Phule Pune University ( SPPU ) as well as Tilak Maharashtra University
An ardent sports enthusiast , Major Dr Giri was an active member of organising committee of Pune international marathon from 2004 to 2012. He has also referred in various boxing , body show, Sports competitions and events.
Mrs. Bharati Dilip Kulkarni
Member, Managing Committee
Mrs. Bharati Dilip Kulkarni is a Committee member of the Management of Aniket Society No 1. Co-op Housing Society Ltd. She has worked with various organizations in the capacity of an assistant. Mrs. Kulkarni leadership skills and competencies have been extremely helpful for Aniket-1. She is an ardent gardener who sells plants and provide design and maintenance solutions for gardening. She believes in eco friendly living and loves to ride on a bicycle. 
Mr. Charudutta Gokhale
Member, Managing Committee
Mr. Gokhale is a star in the MC team as he effectively handles the responsibility of the Society's Secretary and Treasurer.  He is always foremost in assisting The Chairman for new initiatives that would benefit the Society. 
Mr. Gokhale has been involved in several social initiatives like saving the environment by eliminating the use of plastic in day to day use.  Being in the cosmetics business he is well aware of the environmental hazards and strives to make the world a better place.
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