Members express their feelings and share their thoughts about Aniket-1 Co-op Hsg Society.

Mrs. & Mr. Moghe

Mrs. and Mr. Moghe are Members of Aniket-1 Co-op Hsg. Society. They are residing here since 1980.
They have witnessed the progress of the Society since it was just emerging and developing.  At that time Aniket -1 and Aniket-2 were treated as one Society. The difficulties managing them resulted into creation of two separate societies. Mrs. & Mr. Moghe chatted with Mr. Yogesh Satpute expressing their views and feelings. 
"We are very glad and proud to say that Aniket-1 Co-operative Hsg. Society is our home since 1980. The co-operative environment has helped families to prosper. It has molded the future of many children who are responsible citizens of today.  Current developments such as robust Security, independent Transformer, Clubhouse and updated utility services are proving to be very effective.
 The new security team is doing a great job. Senior citizens like us feel much safer than ever before. No unauthorized person can enter the society premises.  The Ground & Clubhouse has given a wonderful platform for all members to meet and truly celebrate many festivals and a variety of cultural events. Participation of youngsters in such events has been like never before. Participation of adults has drastically increased in 2017/18.
It is worthwhile to note that the wastage of water on the streets has reduced. This is an excellent example of progress in 2018. The Managing Committee must be applauded for all their efforts. Similarly, it is expected that common sense will prevail amongst members regarding vehicle parking and effective usage of roads.
We wish all the best for our Aniket Society.  Let’s unite for our progress and prosperity …!”