The founders of Aniket-1 were mostly salaried individuals hailing from humble backgrounds with common dream - To own a house which they can claim to be their home. In 1970s, like-minded individuals founded Aniket Co-op Housing Society Ltd. The Society was established at two different locations and hence the name Aniket1 and Aniket2. The Society presented an affordable housing opportunity under the ‘Lease Hold Plot Scheme’ as promoted by the Government of Maharashtra.  

About Us

Aniket-1 Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. is a quiet and peaceful residential society to the South of Pune, formed in early 1970's. The Society hosts bungalows only. Located on Swami Vivekanand Road,  at a distance of approximately 3 km from Swargate, the society houses 69 members since inception.Click here for The List of Members .
The Management is elected from the Members.
 Click here for the Profiles of the current Managing Committee 


The society spans over a total area of 23,00 sq. meters with an open space of 2,446 sq. meters for Facilities. Facilities include a Playground,  Clubhouse and a Garden . The Society has 69 plots and Members have built only Bungalows thereon. Every Bungalow has a maximum permissible FSI as 1. Every plot must leave an open space apart from a built-up area.  The Society has 2 main lanes to the North and a South main, which open to Swami Vivekanand Road. There are 5 bye-lanes. 

Layout of the Society

The Society is well-equipped with utilities such as Electricity, Mobile connectivity and Pipe gas (under construction). It is easily accessible by road. The Society is in the vicinity of most of the major institutions related to Academics, Healthcare, devotional places Government & Private organizations, eateries, movie theatres etc. Pune's largest vegetable and flower market is located behind Aniket-1 Co-operative Housing Society.      


|| एक मेका सहाय करू. अवघे धरु सुपंथ ||
"Let's co-operate with each other for a better life and Society"
There are two main lanes leading to the exit, in the North and South There are 4 bye-lanes. (Refer  Layout & Map below) The total Population residing in the Society is between 300 to 400 (as of 2017). Mostly spoken language is Marathi. Nearest landmarks are ESI Colony / Vasantbaug. 
Survey no.: Survey no. 689/3 B and 5
Registration no.: Reg. No PNA /PNA/HSG (TO) 615/2003-04

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