"Utsav" means Festival. Aniket Society is located in Pune which is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Aniket - 1  celebrates all the festivals with joy and happiness. Below are glimpses of the festivities. 

Republic Day - 2018

Ankit Shelke  -Youth Leader, BJP | Republic Day Flag hoisting Ceremony | Aniket-1 Co-op. Hsg. Society
Republic Day was celebrated with full vigor and patriotism on 26 January 2018. Around 70 residents attended the event to salute the Constitution of India. This was a historic moment for Aniket-1.
The event started with Mr. Ankit Shelke, Youth Leader, hoisting the tricolor and presiding over the event. Youngsters participated in beautiful cultural events such as Dance and Song They expressed their beautiful thoughts via an elocution competition. All were winners on Republic Day..!
The Managing Committee, Members and youngsters, in particular, should be congratulated for all their efforts to make the Republic Day a huge success. A notable mention of Mr. Harshal Godbole must be made for arranging tea and snacks during the event. 
Members of Aniket-1 have exhibited co-operative spirit for progress of the Society. Republic Day signifies their patriotic spirit which is much needed for progress of the nation in today's era. 
Republic Day | Aniket-1 Co-operative Housing Society | Pune
Republic Day | Aniket-1 Co-operative Housing Society | Pune

Makar Sankranti - 2018

Aniket-1 Ladies Club started the year with a bang with celebrations of Makar Sankaranti at Aniket-1's Clubhouse on January 21,, 2018
To encouraging the initiative, the management sponsored the event which hosted around 40 ladies participating within 2 hours of celebrations. The ladies utilized this excellent opportunity to socialise along with performing the traditional rituals of the festival. Kudos to the Aniket-1 Ladies Club of for organizing the event which marks a new dawn in Aniket-1's history. 
As per the Hindu traditions, the ladies were dressed in black sarees for the occasion. The chants of "Tilgul ghya, god bola...!" echoed during the event.  
The festive mood of the event was heart warming. A fun activity - "Olakh Parade" was just awesome for introductions..! Some ladies came to know each other better than just Members of the Society. Today, all have become great friends....! 
A notable mention should be made of the organizing committee Mrs. Sushma Dhawle, Mrs. Neelima Joshi, Mrs. Rama Dhaygude, Mrs Jyoti Shete, Mrs. Sharmila Joshi, Mrs. Savita Gokhale, Mrs. Chitra Khule. 

Ganpati Festival - 2017

Ganpati Utsav was celebrated with full enthusiasm in 2017. As every year, Digvijay Mitra Mandal did a great job in organizing several cultural events. 
Aniket-1 Co-operative Housng Society | Ganesh Festival
Aniket-1 Co-operative Housng Society | Ganesh Festival

Palkhi - 2017

Youngsters in Aniket-1 organized a PALKHI with their own conceptualization of Pune's tradition. Managing Committee is proud of all youngsters.
Aniket-1 Co-operative Housng Society | Cultural Event

Independence Day - 2017

Independence Day Competition of elocution and fancy dress was the highlight of the function
Aniket-1 Co-operative Housng Society | Independence Day celebrations

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